The Concentric Circles of My World – Guest Post by Henry Kimsey-House

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The Concentric Circles of My World – Guest Post by Henry Kimsey-House


My world is configured in concentric circles of consciousness and responsibility. In any given moment, I am choosing what to pay attention to, what gets the brightest light focused on it, which circle is calling for action and which circle is planning the next leap.

At the center of these circles is mySelf, the solid core of spirit or soul or purpose that connects me to the universe and all off life, that one that knows and teaches all the other circles what’s up, while at the same time being completely patient and benevolent. This I Am that provides reason and meaning for my being here in the first place. This circle is full of feelings and emotions, excitements and worries. This circle is busy learning and being curious making sure to be pissy and resistant along the way. This circle demands a lot of time and attention and yet has loads of criticism piled on by the darker recesses of this circle about taking up that time and thinking that the time would be better spent paid on more of the outer circles. This circle is both proud and shy.

The next circle out is the circle of Karen and my relationship and marriage. The circle of significant other and all of the light and dark in that circle. And in my set of concentric circles just like the first circle bleeds out into all of the other circles this one does too. This circle has me being lonely sometimes when Karen is gone and bugged sometimes when she is here. This circle has me experience a love and commitment like I sometimes can’t even find in the innermost circle. This circle is teaching me how to be in deep and true relationship in all my other circles.

The third ring out of me is family. My blood family first and my CTI family second. My mom, two brothers and two sisters who are all incredibly smart and sensitive people and who all do work that serves growing human consciousness. The dark side of this circle is always doubting that I am doing enough and pulling on me to feel guilty for not. This circle sometimes pulls on the dark side of responsibility and the resistance to responsibility that goes along with it.

The next circle out is the Co-Active Community, an amazingly wonderful global group of people that are committed to aliveness and meaning. These people want to have lives and careers that have meaning for themselves and want to bring those same gifts to others in their circles. This circle seems to have a life of its own and it will develop and grow, stumble and fumble, transform and blow up, like all communities and even countries are doing all around the world right now. It has many voices and one voice and it is ready to take responsibility for the next circle out. Or is it?

The next circle out in my circles of responsibility is Humanity. That is a terrifying truth. That when it comes right down to it, I am responsible for Humanity. Will our collective consciousness grow to the tipping point that is needed or will we commit species suicide? Humanity is waking up and either we have to take a step in a life affirming direction when we do or we will step in a life diminishing direction. At this stage of the game that second step is suicidal and yet very possible. What will humanity do? What will I do? What will we do?

The last circle out that I can perceive and still have too weak an eye to really take in much less hold in my consciousness for too long is the circle that has me take responsibility for All Of Life. Life is counting on me.

Life is counting on all of us.

Re-worked from original posts on Henry’s blog

Henry Kimsey-House is the co-author of Co-Active Leadership and Co-Active Coaching. He is the co-founder of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) where he currently serves as Lead Designer. Learn more about Henry’s work at or connect with him on Twitter @henrykh


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