What do you Trade for MoneyMoney Meanings

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
May 7
(Wednesdays, 9 PM Central Standard Time)

Seminar Description: Is it time for you to get real about money? You are not alone. Good people who want to make a real difference must manage their money in service of their core values and highest ideals. Join other good people as we create a plan of spending and earning that forwards our desires to make a real difference in the world. This six session tele-class will explore the following:

Session 1: What’s behind Door #1?: Discovering your money meanings
1. Explore what you learned about money growing up
2. Learn about what you trade for money
3. Learn about how your values are revealed in your money behaviors.
Session 2: Discover the “Ghostwriter” and illuminate your current financial picture
1. Explore feelings, behaviors, thoughts, experiences that drive your earning and spending behaviors
2. Peel back the layers to illuminate what you have done, and what you are doing with your money.
3. Identify the compromises that sabotage your spending and earning plans
Session 3: Creating Alignment
1. Distinguish ideals and needs
2. Distinguish wants from needs
3. Explore and deconstruct your money concerns
4. Learn the 5 phase plot outline
Session 4: A Plan for Transformation
1. Learn the 14 principles of organizing the plot of your money transformation
2. Learn 7 techniques for editing the plot of your new money story
3. Take a debt quiz
4. Learn how to anchor yourself in your financial reality
Session 5: Author New Experiences
1. Learn 10 steps to advance the plot of your money story
2. Discover why it is so easy to make choices that aren’t in alignment with your values
3. Learn how to outsmart your brain
4. Learn Eleven steps to ignite change
Session 6: Programming a New Identity
1. The essential components of change and transformation
2. Learn how to effectively use visualization to advance your goals
3. Create a personal balance sheet
4. Learn the 12 maxims to sustain growth

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