Rave Reviews

“Terri found ways to shed light on new perceptions that I didn’t know existed.”

Terri brings a pleasantly vibrant energy to the coaching relationship that is energizing from beginning to end.  She provided clever ways for transforming my awareness to experience innovation and wellness.  Terri truly cared about my success and found ways to shed light on new perceptions that I didn’t know existed.  She was able to keep up with my high paced approach to being a client and provided a safe confidential atmosphere for me to explore my deepest thoughts around very important issues.  It was a true pleasure having Terri as my personal and professional development coach and she aided me in reaching successful milestones throughout our relationship.

Keith Lawrence Miller, M.A. Organizational Psychology – Columbia University, Independent Investor & Coach, New York

“Loving and Passionate Commitment”

Each time I read the 360 Feedback from Terri I am inspired to be my best self and to put into practice the wisdom that has been gathered from my community. I feel Terri’s loving and passionate commitment to who I am as a person and an entrepreneur. This is one of the most beautiful gifts I have received in my lifetime. Terri’s commitment to the people she supports is deep and invaluable. Thank you Terri for your heart, your wisdom and dedication.

AmyLeo Barankovich, Minneapolis

“She’s not just a great coach, but a very intelligent, caring, kind, and trustworthy woman.”

“I had the privilege to work with Terri during the last months and it has been a wonderful experience for me. She coached me in a very decisive moment in my life, and helped me make the transition from who I was to who I am now. Terri has “held my hand” and walked me smoothly to the new me. She supported me, encouraged me and most importantly allowed me to take new challenges and guided me through the journey to achieve it.

I highly recommend Terri, because she has the gift to coach people so they get into action and take the steps they have been wanting to take. Among her many qualities as a coach, she creates a trustful space and quickly develops a strong rapport with her clients. She listens carefully and asks very powerful questions that help her clients move forward in ways that meet their needs.

She’s not just a great coach, but a very intelligent, caring, kind and trustworthy woman, whose only objective is the personal and professional growth of her clients.

I encourage you to take action now and start working with Terri! You won’t regret it.”

Jackeline Cobian, Lima, Peru

A valuable source of empowerment tools and advice about growing healthy relationships.  I thoroughly trust Terri to continue coaching me with my career and my personal growth.

David Tumbarello