Money Coaching

Person holding piggy bank.

Borrow, Save or Spend?

Are you ready to transform your relationship to money? The New Money Story Workshop is a comprehensive curriculum that will support you in creating a new money story. Developed by David Krueger, MD, author of the best-selling book, The Secret Language of Money, the workshop provides you with the tools and techniques to create change.

In the workshop you will look closely at your spending habits, identify the beliefs and values that underlie your spending habits and create a plan of action.

The entire curriculum has 9 modules that can be completed over 20 weeks.




  1. Identify your money story and what drives your habits
  2. Create a roadmap for a new money story
  3. Learn to take ownership of your money story
  4. Learn to master states of mind that drive your spending
  5. Learn about money spending habits and business
  6. Advance the plot of your new money story
  7. Learn about how money is tied to your career–purpose meets passion
  8. Explore money success paradigms
  9. Look at your overall wellness picture and how that is impacted by money

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