Coaching Packages and Programs

The coaching process is highly individual. Therefore, I customize coaching programs to each person’s needs, and also according to the level of support desired. Because the results of coaching naturally take some time to manifest, coaching works best over a minimum of a three-month period. Your needs and budget determine the length of sessions and how often we meet over a designated time period. The following options give you an idea of  levels of support in coaching.

Daily Support:  Have a deadline and need a lot of support to reach your goal? We start with a two-hour coaching session, and then create a plan to meet regularly during the week for shorter periods of time so you can stay on track.  This coaching package is ideal for professionals and creatives who are working to finish a project or create something new.

Weekly Support:  We meet weekly (three to four times per month) for two to three months. Email and text messaging support is provided to help you to develop  self-awareness and keep you motivated.

Bi-Weekly Support: We meet every other week to focus on issues and goals that are of concern to you. Email and text messaging support is provided.

I strongly believe that coaching is for everyone, so I pay it forward by providing pro-bono services to a clients in need throughout the year. If you are struggling financially, let me know, and I will put you on the waiting list  for a pro-bono coaching package.