Butterflies and Asteroids: Your Transformative Presence

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Butterflies and Asteroids: Your Transformative Presence

We may set our sights on transforming the world, but in truth, we are always a transformative presence in the world. Whether aware of it or not, even the smallest act has an impact. From a first “good morning” to a family member or seemingly mundane activities in your work, it all matters. It all counts, and it all transforms.

The famous idea in chaos theory, the butterfly effect, provides an example of the transformative power of living organisms. In the hypothetical example, the course and power of a hurricane is impacted by a butterfly flapping its wings weeks before the hurricane forms, demonstrating how a simple movement can have a profound impact.

With the recent spate of asteroids and other space objects observed flying near the earth, scientists have suggested that even a small interruption of an asteroid by a missile would be enough to alter the course of the asteroid and save the earth from catastrophe.

Most of us are not missile launchers, hurricane watchers or celebrities. But we are all butterflies. Our actions, however big or small, really do matter. Daily acts of caring for others, yourself, and your environment really do make a difference. We don’t always see,  or ever even know the difference we make.

Perhaps it’s time to take stock of everything you impact. It’s time for you to see just how big, and how great you really are. It’s time to recognize that those butterfly wings of yours really do reach to the other side of the world. So keep flapping & fluttering. Keep living and loving, and never underestimate the power of your wings.

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