Terri Menke, Coach and Consultant

Picture of Terri O'Brien

Terri Menke is a a communication consultant, coach, and educator whose expertise in communication, music, transformation, and neuro-learning provide the basis for a robust coaching model supporting transformation.

Education and Coach Training

With a Master’s degree in Communication Studies and ten years of college teaching in the field of communication, Terri has also met the education requirements for Rule 114 to qualify as a mediator in the State of Minnesota.  Her study at the Hamline University Law School Dispute Resolution Institute and Graduate School of Education in transformative learning combines well with with her coach training.

Terri is trained in somatic coaching methods, and has trained with the International Coach Academy, Landmark Education and MentorPath providing her with the expertise to support transformation in individuals and groups.



Tempo Learning and Performance Center, LLC.

Tempo Learning and Performance Center is a Twin Cities, Minnesota Limited Liability Company owned and operated by Terri Menke.