In addition to the programs listed below, I can customize a training program for your organization.

Coaching the Change-Resistant Employee

To effectively create change in your organization, leaders need to get their team members on board. Inevitably some team members will resist change.  In this workshop you will get everything you need to coach difficult employees through change with confidence:

  • Learn about the change process and why employees resist change
  • Learn how to identify the change resistant employee
  • Learn how to create an effective environment for change conversations
  • Get powerful conversational tools that support employee change
  • Get hands-on practice  conducting change conversations

Breakthrough Creativity

In global, highly competitive markets, organizations that harness the creative capacities of employees have an edge over the competition.  Breakthrough Creativity is a hands-on course for leaders who want to tap in to their own creativity and create the conditions for creative thinking in their organizations.

In this workshop you will:

  • Identify the impact of creativity on organizational effectiveness
  • Identify daily actions you can take to increase your own creative thinking
  • Evaluate the structures that impact creativity in your workplace
  • Create a plan to bring creative thinking to your team and organization

Don’t wait until your organization is on the brink of disaster to create the conditions for creative thinking. For more information about this program, please contact us.

Creative Conflict Conversations: Expand the possibilities through Creativity, Connection, and Commitment.

Conflict is an inevitable part of organizational life, yet many people do not have the tools to successfully manage it.  This class is designed for anyone who wants grow their ability to powerfully manage conflict. In this class you will:

  • Learn what not to do when you have a disagreement with a colleague
  • Learn how to use conflict as an opportunity to build trust and achieve organizational outcomes.
  • Get powerful conversational tools that expand what is possible and help you manage conversations
  • Learn how to create the conditions for effective conflict discussions